2013 Can Blau Red Blend, Montsant, Spain

Something I’ve come to understand in the wine business is that people have their go-to’s and certain wines from certain areas that they are willing to try out. Personally? I have no barriers when it comes to wine. Most of the time when I try new things I like, it’s because I wasn’t shopping for a Paso Robles red or a French white. All I had in my mind was the flavor and style I was craving at the time.

Being that wine drinker that rarely buys the same wine twice, I’m exposed to so much. As Anthony Bourdain has said a million time “Explore, explore” and “Be open to happy accidents.” That mindset has found me some beautiful juice I would have never thought twice about. And that’s how I got to love Spanish wines. One of the best and best bang for your buck is Can Blau.


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