Vino Joven: A Young Wine

After being in the wine business for almost eight years, I’m always looking for something different to drink. In my never-ending quest to understand all things wine, I rarely buy the same bottle twice. It’s a self-imposed quest that really only validates my wine nerdgasms and justifies the two bookshelves of books about wine. Seriously, my Amazon Wish List is out of control.

The most difficult question I get asked is: “What’s your favorite wine?” And my answer is always, “You mean… right now?” Since you’re dying to know, right now I’m loving on a style called vino joven.

Vino joven (Yo-vin) means “young wine.” It’s red, and comes from Spain. It’s what the Spanish drink every day while they’re waiting for their Crianzas and Gran Reservas to age. It’s body and texture is perfect for the weather in Louisiana this time of year. It’s so versatile; you can chill it down for about 15 minutes and drink it on the patio while you let the pit master cook some delicious barbeque. The beauty of this wine is that it is made to drink quickly.

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