A tribute to “Mama K”

Zocolo, CSRA’s Southern Fork and the Jason Brady Restaurant Group have lost a dear member of the restaurant family and are sad to announce the passing of Ms. Karma Warren. Karma has been with the company since Zocolo opened its doors in 2008, and was with Cambria before the location became Zocolo. Karma was friend and family to so many in the restaurant community. She was the “Kitchen Mom” to everyone who worked at Zocolo and friend to everyone who entered the door. If you never met Karma, but have been to Zocolo, she is the one to thank for delicious soups and for the daily preparation of much of the food that you were served.

Her smile was infectious and she was always there for her coworkers to lend a hand when they needed help and lend an ear when they needed to talk. We are all deeply saddened by this and our thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

We are all better for having known Mama K.