To Our Zocolo Family

To Our Zocolo Family,

As you have probably heard by now, Zocolo will lock the doors for the last time this Saturday. I’d like to give you a little background on where we came from.

In the summer of 2007, my partners and I purchased the property & building that housed Cambria Restaurant. We operated the restaurant under the name Cambria until February 2008. At that time we changed the name to Zocolo at the suggestion of Maria, the wife of one of my partners, Bill O’Brien. The name is really not a word. Zocalo (notice the ‘a’ in place of ‘o’) is Spanish word for a town square or meeting place. We thought it was a perfect description of what we wanted to be, but changed the spelling because we didn’t want to be perceived as a Mexican restaurant. Changing the name also describes our personality…think out of the box, don’t be afraid of being different and have fun. It was in February 2008 that Katy moved back to Shreveport and took over the management of the restaurant. She asked me, what we wanted Zocolo to be. My answer, we wanted everyone who walked through the door to be treated like family. That my friends is what I hope defined Zocolo. We’ve had some great times together and we’ve suffered through some tough times together, but as long we had each other, we made it through. That’s what families do. I hope we were there for you and I know you were there for us. You were amazing in your support for our Run for Sarah and we will never forget that. You are the ones who help make St Patrick’s Day parties (in spite of Little Jimmy) and Oktoberfest (in spite of the rain) great events. I especially want to thank “middle management” ( you know who you are), Gemini, Rotary, OEC, all of our “regulars” and especially “Zocolo Kids” who have grown up before our eyes. We’ve been blessed with great employees who embraced the spirit of family and will always be part of our family, especially Karma who left us much too soon.

I appreciate everyone who has stopped in the last few days, and look forward to seeing others tonight at the party. Thank you for everything, especially your friendship. We might be locking the doors of the building, but the doors of our family will always be open.

Jack Touchstone